Caribbean Reef Squid

The Caribbean reef squid (Sepioteuthis Sepioidea) has the highest eye-to-body ratio in all the animal kingdom.

Divers commonly sight this species over the inshore reefs in the Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean region.

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Gurung People Hunting Honey

In Nepal Gurung people, also called the Tamu risk their lives to hunt honey.

Twice a year, they climb a long ladder to obtain honey from the giant Apislaboriosa bees on top of the cliff. Before starting the hunt they perform a ritual to worship the cliff gods.

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Nüshu, Women’s Scripts

In Hunan province in southern China, women from the Yao people used for a long time a secret ancestral writing.

Writing in nüshu was for them a way to prevent men to understand their communications.

More info: Nüshu

Adam’s Bridge

Adam’s bridge is an archipelago of sandbar going from India to Sri Lanka. The bridge is also called Rama’s bridge.

The name comes from an Indian legend “Ramayana”, where the king Rama build a bridge to save his wife on Sri Lanka island.

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